Manchester repairs 100,000sqm of roads since April 1st

Manchester City Council has repaired more than 100,00sqm since April 1st. Like most councils, Manchester has made the most of the lockdown while traffic in the city has been reduced by two-thirds. As well as resurfacing, work is progressing on larger infrastructure projects including a £9.1 million project to re-work the city’s Great Ancoats Street […]

Light rail project in Coventry gets further investment boost

The Coventry Very Light Rail project has been awarded £1.5 million worth of funding from the West Midlands Combined authority to investigate how to create a low cost trackform for the light rail carriages. The project, which the council says aims to revolutionise affordable public transport in towns and cities, has so far seen engineers […]

Volvo teams up with lidar start-up

Volvo Cars is partnering with a Silicon Valley lidar startup in order to introduce self-driving capabilities to a new line of cars within two years. Silicon Valley Business Journal reports Luminar’s new style sensors will be integrated into the roof design of Volvo’s next generation of vehicles equipped with what it is calling its SPA […]

Northumberland gets additional funding for bridge repair works

A £5million bridges repair scheme for Northumberland roads has started this month which will focus on works on ‘high value’ steel bridges in the county. In March, it was announced that Northumberland CC was successful in securing £3.7million grant from the Government for the works which is to be combined with a further £1.1 million […]

Global MaaS revenue predicted to top $50 billion in seven years

Mobility as a Service revenue will exceed US$52 billion in 2027, despite the hit it’s taken from the Coronavirus crisis, a new report is saying. Juniper Research reckons that MaaS initiatives will bounce back next year as cities re-evaluate their transport strategies, hence the huge revenues predicted in the next few years, compared to just […]

Three quarters of haulage firms expect to go bust

A new survey of the UK’s logistics companies suggests three quarters of them reckon they can survive no more than two months if volume continues as it is. The Road Haulage Association, which carried out the research, is calling for the Government for more financial support. They’re calling for a temporary suspension of business rates […]

UK still needs more confidence to make 100% switch to electric cars

The UK doesn’t have enough confidence in electric cars yet to make a 100% shift, according to new research by Euro Car Parts. Its survey analysed the ten most congested cities as well as London to consider factors such as population, the number of charging points and the increase needed in them to be prepared […]

More IoT means better productivity – report

A new report is suggesting there is a direct correlation between the increase in Internet-of-Things connected devices and increases in an economy’s productivity. Ericsson Research worked with Imperial College London to look at the link between IoT and economic development and found that for every ten per cent increase in the number of connected devices, […]

Why self-driving cars will need sensors on roads

Shahar Bahiri, Chairman of smart infrastructure specialists, Valerann, explains why self-driving cars will need sensor infrastructure on roads to be more effective in the future. Click on the link below to find out more:

Law Commission sets out driverless pod thoughts

The law governing Highly Automated Road Passenger Services (HARPS) cannot be one-size-fits-all, because that’d risk favouring one type of vehicle over another. The Law Commission of England and Wales, along with the Scottish Law Commission, has set out its ideas for regulation of the industry, from small, low-speed pods to full size buses. They propose […]


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