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Highways News: providing information to help the industry deliver a more effective and efficient service…

Highways News was set up to support and promote the highways sector and associated disciplines at one of the most challenging and rewarding of transportation times since the sector first started.

Our mission is to help the sector deliver an improved, more efficient and effective service to enable those of us in it to play our part in helping provide thriving communities and a better place to live, work and travel between.

We aim to achieve this by simply providing you with news and intriguing insight… that’s all.

As a new news outlet we plan to build up registrations for our daily e-newsletter through organic growth and word-of-mouth recognition of our journalism.

With 30 years of sector experience between us (see About Us), we have an in-depth knowledge and proven track record of knowing how the highways sector and associated disciplines work.

Our contact lists are full of senior people we worked with previously and, as a result, from the outset we have a significant database including senior highways directors, members of Highways England officers, Tier 1 and 2 contractors, key highways organisations and their members and suppliers to the sector.

Our daily e-newsletter reaches right to the heart of the sector, to the people that not only make decisions but are directing, managing, planning, delivering and maintaining the national, local and regional network every day.

If you would like to extend your message to these key influencers then we would urge you to get in touch with us here at Highways News. Please email: [email protected]


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