Argo AI develops more advanced lidar sensing technology

Argo AI, the self-driving startup backed by Ford Motor Co. and Volkswagen Group, has developed a sensor it believes will be key to commercialising autonomous transportation. The compamy has launched a lidar sensor Tuesday capable of ‘seeing’400 metersdown the road with almost photographic detail. Lidar bounces light off objects to create an image of the […]

Government and business commitments on zero emission transition in road transport will ‘reinforce’ each other, says COP26 President Alok Sharma

Commitments made by governments and businesses around the world will help the road transport sector around the world reach zero emissions faster than ever, according to COP26 President Alok Sharma. Speaking at ‘Breakthroughs in the Race to Zero Emissions Vehicles’ – a Petersberg Climate Dialogue satellite event, hosted by High Action Climate Champion Nigel Topping, […]

Public transport goes contactless in Helsinki

Contacless payment speacialist, Littlepay has announced the launch of open loop payments on public transport in Finland’s capital Helsinki and its second largest urban area, the city of Tampere. This means that ‘tap-to-pay’ is now live on selected ferries and trams in Helsinki and on buses operated by Nysse in Tampere. Last year, Littlepay, won […]

Shetland Council could follow Sevenoaks lead on demand-led public transport

Shetland Council is considering plans to introduce demand-led publuc transport, which would see buses running when there is the demand, rather than to a set timetable. Local transport policy officer Robina Barton told a meeting of Lerwick Community Council that ‘public mobility’ company ViaVan could be involved in exploring if this could actually work in […]

Driverless expert says vehicles must be designed with misuse in mind

One of the world’s leading experts in automated vehicles has told the latest Highways Voices podcast that developers must accept drivers may not use their vehicles correctly and put in the relevant safeguards to minimise risk. Listen here. Consultant Professor Nick Reed of Reed Mobility was referring to cases such as the driver who put […]

Councils block HE plans to infill 70 disused railway bridges and tunnels

Councils have blocked plans by Highways England to infill almost 70 disused railyway bridges and tunnels because they say Britain’s Victorian heritage could be at stake. The Telegraph reports that critics of the scheme say future plans to reuse the sites as footpaths and cycleways will in this case, be destroyed if woerk was to […]


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