Tunnel operators catch the new wave of AI-powered automatic incident detection

Thermal imaging-based camera company Teledyne FLIR has announced new AI-supported cameras for incident detection in tunnels. The new systems can be trained on large datasets of images, and learn how to identify and classify objects in an image. They use this knowledge to make decisions based on new images that they have never seen before. […]

Coventry getting three more average speed camera schemes

Three more roads in Coventry are getting new average speed enforcement systems. Holyhead Road, Allesley Old Road and Allard Way will be getting the cameras in a council attempt to slow down drivers and improve road safety. The cameras are due to be switched on at the end of this month. The Coventry Live website […]

Tesla starts rolling out new self-driving beta version

Tesla has finally started the broad rollout of Full Self-Driving Beta v11, a significant update that is Autopilto with the Full Self-Driving Beta software stack. The website Electrek reports the Tesla FSD Beta v11 is both an “exciting and scary step” as it is supposed to merge Tesla’s FSD and Autopilot highway stacks. FSD Beta […]


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