Liverpool outlines roadmap to reduce car usage in climate change battle

Liverpool City Council is to set out its key transport priorities for the next four years as part of its ambition to achieve Carbon net-zero status and tackle climate change. A report to the Council’s Cabinet next week (Tuesday, September 19) will seek approval for the adoption of a wide-ranging Transport Plan. This will include number […]

How scalable software powers success   

Field management software aims to exceed the limitations of other tools like legacy-based systems and paper, helping businesses unleash their true potential and meet their ambitions. It is built to support the needs of businesses of all sizes. With features designed to streamline repetitive tasks, workflows, and overhaul tedious processes. No matter the size of […]

Councils in Staffordshire share proposals to adapt to climate change

Councils in Staffordshire have shared their proposals to adapt to the impacts of climate change. The ’Staffordshire Adaptation Strategy’ sees councils across the county come together and commit to addressing the issues caused by climate change. The plan focuses on four key areas, infrastructure and buildings, the natural environment, protecting residents, and the local economy. […]

Council to invest an extra £10m into road resurfacing to improve Wiltshire’s highways

Wiltshire Council’s Cabinet agreed to invest a further £10m over the next two years into maintaining and resurfacing the county’s roads. The £10m of extra funding, which is on top of the £14m the council will spend this financial year on highways maintenance, is being funded through the council’s capital funding programme. The additional money […]


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