“I do find that the naysayers, for want of a better expression, around these systems are almost giving the providers and the utilisers backhanded compliments,” says John Piper of Jenoptik on this week’s Highways Voices podcast as he talks about critics of enforcement technology. “Because what, in effect they are saying, is they know it works – they know that there’s no way around it, it is going to modify their behaviour.”

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The company’s Sales and Marketing Director discusses how technology makes roads safer and is now able to do everything from enforce 20-mile an hour limits, remote roads without access to the grid, Innovation and collaboration in implementation and enforcing speed limits based on vehicle classification.

They also discuss the use of ANPR enforcement data to deliver a wider range of traffic management solutions, such as origin-destination analysis, live traffic information, if legislation allows. “This is a topic that we’ve been very much looking at and advocating for, for for a long period of time,” John explains.

In the podcast you’ll also hear a pick of stories on the Highways News website, the latest from our podcast partners and why Transport for West Midlands wins this week’s “Adrian’s Accolade”.


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