“I think in general, the company’s done done pretty well, and there’s certainly been some significant successes,” says Harry Garnham of the Office and Rail and Road talking about National Highways performance on this week’s Highways Voices website. “But it’s not to say there haven’t been challenges, and there haven’t been areas where we have concerns and think they can improve.”

The ORR’s Head of Performance, Roads, chats to Adrian Tatum on this week’s podcast, where he discusses smart motorways, the environment and communications in a wide-ranging interview.

On safety, he says, “The company… is ambitious, and we want them to set out how they’re able to do that, and then just maybe more specifically, in terms of a key point, we do also monitor national highways around the safety of smart motorways, in particular, the delivery of the action plan that DFT set.”

Find out his thoughts in the podcast today where you can also hear the latest news from our partners including a major collaboration and who win’s “Adrian’s Accolade” this week.


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