“The business case for 5G is not transport, let’s not kid ourselves,” says connected vehicle expert Andy Graham from White Willow Consulting on this week’s Highways Voices podcast. But, he explains, the technology does give many opportunities to transform transport, “We should be definitely pushing with 5G… we should be really taking the advantage of high bandwidth and low latency. But we do need to make sure that we don’t leave behind other use cases and other customers.”

Graham is the second Highways Voice on this week’s podcast reacting to a fascinating interview with Chris Holmes, Programme Director of West Midlands 5G, the test bed looking at how the technology can be used.

“We’re… supporting projects, and the trialling associated with those, to try and get the projects to a more mature state, and close to market,” he explains, “by engaging with the commercial 5G,” which he says “will give them the opportunity of seeing the performance of not only the products and services, but also how the mobile communications technology is working.”

In the interview, Holmes runs through a number of the potential use cases for transport, from helping partially sighted people get around to counting the number of people on public transport, and from pothole monitoring to parking.

But should we be relying on 5G for our future transport-related communications, or should we be considering bespoke solutions? The experts discuss it in this week’s Highways Voices, where you’ll also hear some highlights from news stories on Highways News and find out why Tarmac has won this week’s “Adrian’s Accolade”.

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