“One thing I think that has been key to our success is actually delivering tangible value to customers with the solution that we provide,” explains One Network founder James Harris on this week’s Highways Voices podcast as he discusses how his company has cornered the roadworks information and management market in the UK, and is now expanding into the US.

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“We’ve been lucky in that the benefits of digitalising, that process are really quite self evident,” he says. “So there are some safety benefits to the ability to communicate work zones to drivers, and we’re doing some really interesting work in Florida at the moment, rolling our solution out so that people can get alerts in advance of driving into a work zone area.”

In the conversation recorded at the ITS World Congress in Los Angeles, Mr Harris talks about using everyday technology to deliver your solution, finding reasons why local authorities should spend money on a product and the difference between doing business in the US and the UK. “We’re actually speaking to about ten State DOTs at the moment,” he says, “We’ve launched our solution in Florida, and the first part of the conversation with all the other nine is that slightly disappointed not to be first.”

On today’s podcast you’ll also hear news from our podcast partners, some of the latest news stories on the Highways News website with Adrian Tatum and you’ll find out why he’s chosen Iomob to be this week’s “Adrian’s Accolade”.


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