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“20 years ago, the ITS sector itself wasn’t even 20 years old, so what we’ve achieved in less than 40 years, it’s really quite amazing,” explains ITS (UK) Secretary General Jennie Martin on this week’s Highways Voices podcast. “20 years ago, an awful lot of signalised junctions weren’t anywhere near as clever there as they are now with now. We got the ability to react to incoming data and change phases in real time, now we use in predictive analysis.”

That, she says is just one of many ways the travelling public get better journeys, and how that it is incredible what transport operators can do now, not only in traffic management but also traveller information and services.

Mrs Martin, who has been at the helm of ITS (UK) for more than two-thirds of its existence also talks about the Society itself and how its members deliver so much for each other. “As long as they get an income from somewhere to pay their bills. British people tend to be very relaxed about doing all sorts of unpaid work if it’s something that they believe in or something they’re interested in.”

Hear her thoughts on this, the future of transport technology and where ITS (UK) fits in, along with the latest news and why the people of Guildford win this week’s “Adrian’s Accolade”.

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