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This week’s Highways Voices analyses how a refresh of the way software is delivering the most efficient transport network based on existing roadside hardware.

Paul Campion of TRL discusses the best way to manage traffic in towns and cities using a refresh of what we’ve always known as SCOOT and MOVA traffic management in what is now called Unified Traffic Control.

“It’s incredibly important for the cities to have the confidence that their massive installed base of equipment can continue to be used,” he explains. “No one wants to dig up the roads in order to put in some new software. So we have to respect that legacy, respect the fact that all these cities, and their citizens depend on this software and have been doing for many years, but take it forward in quite a different and we think, very valuable way.”

The conversation also talks about how funding such upgrades could be justified if both the environmental and road safety aspects were considered holistically. “That’s quite difficult to do in governmental budgeting, but you know what the challenges like decarbonisation challenges like levelling up, I think are going to require us to do some of these things, which is simultaneously creative, innovative, look like they’re really difficult and the same time common bloomin’ sense,” he adds.

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The podcast also hears the latest news from Highways Voices partners the Transport Technology Forum, ITS (UK), ADEPT and LCRIG.

You’ll hear how LCRIG has revealed more details about its upcoming Innovation Festival. The event will be a first of its kind for the highways sector – with a number of local authorities already committed to making their road networks available for trials along with funding for qualifying innovators who participate in the event.

The new event, which will take place from 6-7 July at Newark Showground, has been established to ‘make the case for innovation’ and will bring together local authorities, central government, the supply chain, associations and academia.

Exhibitors are able to request to be included as a qualifying innovator to be eligible for innovation funding and/or trials and the Infrastructure Innovation Board and delegates will judge the qualifying innovations.

Councils including NY Highways, Blackpool Council and Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council are making their networks available for innovation trials.

LCRIG is inviting organisations to attend and exhibit at the Innovation Festival with a contribution from all exhibitors being put towards the LCRIG ‘Steve Berry – Think Exceptional’ Innovation Fund – a pot of money that will be used to help facilitate and speed up innovation in the highways sector.

For more information visit the LCRIG website –

ITS (UK) Website

Details of TTF Conference

Adept website


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