Protecting his team of roadworkers and continuosly innovating to keep them safe has been one of the biggest priorities for SRL Traffic Systems Chief Executive, Richard Tredwin.

He has been speaking on this week’s Highways Voices podcast, as part of the second in a series on leadership in the highways sector.

“I have a team of 180 staff now, of which 170 are deployed out on the road on a daily basis, with huge volumes of traffic. So we make sure we are very aware of what our staff are doing day in and day out and anything that we can do that makes their jobs easier, their lives safer, that’s one of the most important things. We are in an industry that operates within a risky environment by its very nature, and what we try and do is just reflect on the services and support we can give to our team and offer as many things that can make their job easier, better and safer,” Mr Tredwin said. In the last few year’s, SRL has introduced safety cameras in all of its vehicles, CCTV units are onsite and is currently working on a barrier system that will better protect workers next to live traffic. There is also expected to be more use of SRL’s Smart Portable Messenger VMS to help keep the public better informed of the progress of works and more importantly, why work is being carried out.

He also spoke taking the business from £17 million turnover to £32 million. “we developed a strategy that said that we wanted to continue the innovation with our products and build on an already impressive offering that was also scaleable.” During the podcast he also spoke about how the company looks after its staff, and the communities it works in by proving grants to help road safety education.

In the podcast, you’ll also hear who wins Adrian’s Accolade this week for something positive and important in our industry.


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