“The first thing they do on your first day, at the end of the day, they say, there’s the takings – can you take it down to Barclays at the end of the road?” explains Bridge of Hope founder James Fellowes on this week’s Highways Voices. “Now, some people look at them go, you do realise that I was an armed robbery in my earlier days, or I had a big fraud or whatever, and the answer is hurry up – Barclays closes in 15 minutes. And nobody’s run off with the takings.”

James is talking about his inclusive recruitment service Bridge of Hope which helps people who have been institutionalised in their lives – either through prison or mental health issues – back into the workplace.

He describes in detail his highly personal journey from Eton and ex-pat executive to being sectioned and losing everything, and how work helped him get his life back together, and why he wants to offer the same opportunity to others. He then talks about a new partnership with carriageway and footpath surfacing and surface treatments company Kiely Brothers who are using Bridge of Hope to help find new talent for its workforce.

In the interview, James discusses with Kiely business consultant and highways sector specialist Neil Levett the inspiration for Bridge of Hope and the team delivering the solutions and why companies who use what he calls Returning Citizens get loyal, hard working staff who help win business.

You’ll also hear our partner news, and lots of collaboration, and who wins this week’s Adrian’s Accolade.


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