Effective management of highway assets is on the agenda this week on Highways Voices.

We speak with Brightly, one of the UK’s leading providers of asset management software in the highways sector. Local authorities and contractors have been using the company’s asset management solution for over 20 years now, helping them make the correct decisions around prioritising and scheduling highway works.

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The secret to successful and effective asset management, according to Chris Thompson, Director of Sales at Brightly, is to provide a platform that delivers as much data as possible to help inform the best possible decisions, as local authorities come under more pressure than ever to repair as many potholes as well as deliver a proactive asset management plan.

“They need access to the correct data at the time they need it. And so, through continued development over the years of Confirm, managers, budget holders and senior leaders have had the visibility that they need to make the correct decisions,” he says.

He’s joined by Business Development Manager Matthew Kelley to discuss effective management of all highway infrastructure – not just the surface of the road and their thoughts on highways funding.

You’ll also hear news from our partners ADEPT, LCRIG, the TTF and ITS UK and why Cormack wins “Adrian’s Accolade” this week.


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