We have a record 13 guests on today’s Highways Voices as we hear from the delegation from who exhibited on the UK Pavilion, and also the views of the British Ambassador who visited the exhibition.

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The whistle-stop tour hears from the 12 exhibitors: Navtech Radar, Clearview Intelligence, Nicander, Now Wireless, ANGOKA, Ito World, Neology, Arup, Grid Smarter Cities, See.Sense, VESOS and Zenzic.

Because this is a longer-than-normal episode, to help you, you can find specific interviews by going to the timings below:

Nora Ali                      Clearview                   1m09s

Sam Brierley               Nicander                    4m07s

Laura Jacklin               Grid Smarter Cities    6m51s

Danny Woolard          VESOS                        9m15s

Chris Sainty                Ambassador               12m48s

Paul Hudson              Now Wireless             16m30s

Deborah Kobewka     Ito World                    19m09s

Steve Berry                ANGOKA                     23m53s

Rebecca James           Navtech Radar           27m23s

Irene McAleese          See.Sense                   31m18s

Luke Normington       Neology                      35m04s

Francis McKinney       Zenzic                         39m32s

Tristan Joubert           Arup                           43m38s

We’ll hear more from the European Congress on next week’s Highways Voices when we’ll also welcome Adrian Tatum back on the podcast.


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