“I think the excitement about getting back to normal business long last,” explains Danny Woolard of GEWI as he looks forward to the ITS World Congress in Hamburg next month.

Speaking on the Highways Voices podcast, sponsored by GEWI and SWARCO the German company’s UK representative says how “we’re looking forward to meeting our existing clients, existing customers, but also a lot of new people.”

GEWI will be showing off its new cycling data solution in Hamburg which he tells the podcast the company started looking at branching out into cycling information about a year ago. “We’ve been involved in the road traffic information business for many, many years – we started looking at analogies of what could we replicate in terms of what we do for the road traffic information business, in terms of moving towards cycling. And the more we looked at it, the more we did some research, the more we talked to providers of information and some government clients, about how information about cycle routes, about volumes of cycles that are moving around cities is so analogous to road traffic information. So we are launching off the first part of our solution in Hamburg.”

The podcast also features Harry Evers, Managing Director of the Hamburg World Congress who discusses the Covid-safe event and how the invitation is not just from Hamburg but, “it’s a German invitation to everybody. We have invited the local governments of all Germany – we are focusing on the latest results, what’s coming up from the discussions in Germany with the future mobility platform.”

Major exhibitor Yunex Traffic features too, talking about mobility solutions discussed at the Congress. Claus Beringer is SVP of its Traffic Management Platform tells Highways Voices, “it’s about like reducing traffic, and also incentivising modal shift to more eco friendly traffic modes.”

The podcast also features Adrian Tatum’s take on the latest news on the Highways News website plus why Transport for Greater Manchester wins “Adrian’s Accolade” this week.


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