We hear from two CEOs, an inclusive mobility visionary and industry legend on Highways Voices this week.

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In interviews recorded at last week’s ITS European Congress in Lisbon, ERTICO-ITS Europe CEO Joost Vantomme discusses UK-European co-operation after he signed a new agreement with the Transport Technology Forum.

We hear from Sandra Witzel, Chief Marketing Officer at Global Mobility as a Service tech provider SkedGo, talking about how much technology can be used to make the transport network more accessible, before learning from SWARCO CEO Michael Schuch about the company’s new GoGreen initiative which takes on the challenge of talking to 112 European Green Deal cities about their environmental issues in just eleven months.

Finally we hear from an industry legend. More than 30 years ago, Professor Eric Sampson was one of the architects of the first ITS World Congress, and he’s been to every in-person event since. He’s now retiring as adviser to ERTICO and this was his last congress as Chief Rapporteur. We hear his memories and highlights in a fascinating and emotional interview, and how commonplace concepts such as satellite navigation and real-time data into vehicles were both showcased for the first time at Congresses.

Plus you’ll hear about more about the TTF-ERTICO partnership, who are ADEPT prize winners, details of LCRIG’s Innovation Festival and why June is a busy month for ITS UK, along with the reasons National Highways win Adrian’s Accolade this week.

Podcast timings:

4m24s – Joost Vantomme, ERTICO

9m26s – Sandra Witzel, SkedGo

16m20s – News from our Podcast Partners

20m34s – Michael Schuch, SWARCO

24m10s – Prof Eric Sampson, Chief Rapporteur


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