It might have a new brand as Hanson turns to Heidelberg Materials, but the company is still making significant progress on its journey to net zero-helping produce highway maintenance materials that are more durable and lower in carbon.

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The company has spent many years developing a sustainable range of asphalt products which are used on local roads and the strategic network including several major trials in recent years, supporting the need to decarbonise the maintenance process.

“The one benefit we have with asphalt is that it is 100% recyclable. That in its self is fantastic for the sector in terms of the circular economy. That recyclability and reusability is a excellent benefit, reducing the amount of virgin aggregate and bitumen-a real positive for the asphalt industry,” says Adrian Hadley, Head of Technical – Asphalt and Aggregate at Heidelberg Materials.

In this podcast Heidelberg also talks about is long-term relationship with Dorset Council which has also been used as a test-bed for new asphalt material innovation for more than a decade.

You’ll also hear news from our partners, the Government’s plan for drivers and who wins Adrian’s Accolade this week.


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