“I can see this event can see this practically being the whole show ground at some point,,” comments new LCRIG CEO Paula Claytonsmith on today’s Highways Voices podcast, as she reflects on the success of the second Innovation Festival in Newark.

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Todays programme hears all about the major event, as we take a walk through the vast indoor and outdoor exhibition area to see the latest innovations, before taking a ride in a vehicle showing off the very latest in connected vehicle and in-car signage technology.

In a bumper, and very busy programme we hear about eCall, dynamic kerbside management, citizen-sourced roads information, pothole repair, road surfacing and delineation. We also hear about why the Transport Technology Forum is working so closely with LCRIG to liaise with local authorities.

The Innovation Festival, which is twice the size of its inaugural event a year ago, brings together local authorities, central government, the supply chain, associations and academia to see the latest ideas in highways maintenance and transport technology. More than 175 local authority delegates from 70 authorities are here, meaning around than two-thirds of all the English highway authorities outside London are represented, along with nearly 90 exhibitors.

Interview timings:

Alec Peachey, LCRIG, 1m11s

Andy Graham, White Willow and George Brown, KL Systems, 10m35s

Andy Graham regarding eCall, 17m15s

Laura Jacklin, GRID Smarter Cities, 20m31s

Sally Reader, Fix My Street, 23m43s

Neil Levett, Kiely Bros, 29m23s

Alastair King, Clearview Intelligence, 32m47s

Darren Capes, TTF/DfT, 38m02s

Paula Claytonsmith, LCRIG, 42m42s


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