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“When we started designing our new modern mobility management system… we started by interviewing more than 400 cities globally,” explains the new SWARCO CEO Michael Schuch on this week’s Highways Voices podcast. “And what we learned was actually the most critical topics that they have are throughout the same.”

In the interview Mr Schuch outlines those challenges which fall into ten problem statements including predictable issues such as congestion and air quality along with other global problems such as budget constraints and interoperability.

The interview features discussions on procurement, Net Zero, collaboration and support for start-ups, and international expansion as well as connected vehicles.

“We can demonstrate proof of concept of those seeking solutions with connectivity with communication, and everything between vehicles and infrastructure and vice versa,” Mr Schuch says. “Now, it’s about the first deployments and the focus about the quality of the service and the scalability of the service, and there is really the question, who is investing that that money? What are the business cases that really make this a wheel that starts spinning?”

Find out his thoughts on this week’s Highways Voices, where you’ll also hear news from podcast partners ADEPT, LCRIG, Transport Technology Forum and ITS (UK) plus why Telford and Wrekin wins this week’s “Adrian’s Accolade”.

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