We had so much material left over from the highly successful Highways UK event last week in Birmingham that we bring you some content we didn’t have time to fit in on our podcasts from the show last week.

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You’ll hear presenter some of Paul Hutton’s on-stage conversation with keynote speaker Sir John Armitt of the National Infrastructure Commission where they talk levelling up and road pricing.

“The Treasury has got to fill a hole of 30 billion pounds a year from the loss of fuel duty,” he explains. “How’s it going to do that we’re all going to pay some way. So do we want to pay more income tax? Or do we want to pay by how much we use our cars and the transport choices we make? I would rather be have it left to me to decide by what choice I’m going to make when I’m going to drive when I’m not going to drive and pay accordingly rather than just have to be added on to income tax.”

You’ll also hear from Kier, Hocktief, Smart Video and Sensing and Valerann, about an important event next week looking at us decarbonising transport now, and talking of carbon, how the RSTA has a solution to dramatically reduce the environmental impact of road maintenance.

Links to: Adept conference, TTF Autumn Update.

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