Cruise to soft-launch in Dallas after San Francisco recall

Cruise have announced a soft-launch in Dallas, although they will not be using their autonomous systems. Instead, the vehicles will be operated by a human, will only drive through a limited geographic area and will be measured against predetermined safety benchmarks. 

The GM subsidiary was set to launch in Dallas at the end of last year, but recalled the autonomous vehicles after a pedestrian was run over and dragged by one of their vehicles in San Francisco, says CBS News.

At the time, the California Department of Motor Vehicles suspended Cruise deployment of driverless cars in San Francisco. The DMV ruled the autonomous vehicles as “not safe for the public’s operation,” saying the manufacturer “misrepresented” information related to their safety.

Cruise said since then, the vehicles have undergone software updates. The company also adjusted its processes and hired a Chief Safety Officer. The city of Dallas said Cruise’s revised approach includes a greater emphasis on safety protocols. 

“Cruise has taken a proactive and collaborative approach in working with the city to rebuild trust in its safety protocols,” the city of Dallas said in a statement.

The city said that over time, Cruise will expand its operation to cover a larger area.  


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