Streamlining road construction with AI

Road construction is a complex logistical process that includes coordinating local council permissions, planning workforce and machinery, and traffic management. Each decision has a significant financial impact on delivery and can negatively affect local communities, so reducing risk and optimising these projects is essential. With the government’s recently announced £8.3 billion long-term plan to resurface over 5,000 […]

TTF hears how transport technology industry looking to maximise the benefits of AI

The government is working hard to improve its understanding of Artificial Intelligence in transport, its potential and its dangers, as it looks to work out how to best use the technology. Giving the keynote address at the Transport Technology Forum Conference in Leeds, the Department for Transport’s Deputy Chief Scientific Adviser, Dr Annette Pass talked […]

Tunnel operators catch the new wave of AI-powered automatic incident detection

Thermal imaging-based camera company Teledyne FLIR has announced new AI-supported cameras for incident detection in tunnels. The new systems can be trained on large datasets of images, and learn how to identify and classify objects in an image. They use this knowledge to make decisions based on new images that they have never seen before. […]

Traffic managers – the DfT needs your help!

We all know that the revolution in traffic modelling and digital twins, the network-wide availability of real-time data and the opportunities that AI and connected data/infrastructure provide are changing the way the traffic management system operate. The Department for Transport is asking for the industry’s help to gather intelligence on the digital tools local authorities […]

Research body launches second AI competition

An independent and global machine-learning research institute established by HERE Technologies has launched its second annual Traffic4Cast competition. The Institute for Advanced Research in Artificial Intelligence (IARAI) wants the AI community to analyse the datasets in ten cities and create algorithms that predict future traffic flows. Submissions for this year’s competition are due by October […]


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