New VESOS research for Transport Infrastructure Ireland confirms potential live-saving minutes could be saved by eCall

The specialist eCall consultancy and software company VESOS Solutions Ltd has completed research to evaluate the possible use of eCall data to generate incidents on the Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) road and motorway network, showing the technology can speed up response times after crashes. Four years of anonymised data collected by the country’s ECAS (Emergency […]

Latest VESOS award shows growing “recognition of benefits” of its lifesaving technology

The start-up eCall road safety solutions company VESOS says its latest award is a further demonstration of how the industry is understanding the technology’s life-saving potential. The TeCall data processing platform won the Connected and Automated Vehicle Award at the ITS UK President’s Dinner last week.  The solution delivers faster response and detailed information using […]

eCall project wins TRIG award for its innovative proven idea

VESOS Solutions Limited has been recognised for the value of their solution giving emergency services and road operators essential data about road crashes in real time by using data delivered using eCall data. VESOS, a technology start up, has been given the Department for Transport’s Chief Scientific Adviser’s Award for the ‘most innovative proven idea’ […]

VESOS partners with Surrey and Warwickshire to trial eCall solution

The UK’s lead firefighter for road rescue has welcomed the news that real time road crash data could soon be made available to the emergency services, helping to speed up collision response times and save lives – describing it as a ‘breakthrough.’ Dan Quin, Chief Fire Officer for Surrey Fire and Rescue Service and the […]

Connected vehicle experts call for more eCall publicity

A group of connected vehicle specialists from the company VESOS, who are leading work on maximising the value of life-saving eCall technology, are calling for a new drive to publicise the technology, after a survey suggested very low awareness of the in-car safety system. eCall, which has been built into every newly approved car and […]

New eCall project looks to benefit emergency services’ and road operators’ response to help save lives and identify vulnerable drivers

A group of connected vehicle experts are undertaking a new project to give emergency services and road operators essential data about road crashes in real time. Responding to collisions, stranded vehicles and potentially vulnerable drivers is a priority for the UK’s emergency services.  Faster response and detailed information regarding the vehicle are the focus of […]

eCall analysis start-up VESOS recognised by leading vehicle magazine

The start-up eCall consultancy and solutions company VESOS has been praised by the trade magazine Autocar for the development of software that slashes the time it takes for the emergency services to be alerted to crashes on our roads. The Autocar Drivers of Change award described the VESOS TeCall platform as a “pioneering idea that […]

eCall emergency services support successfully demonstrated by VESOS

A connected vehicle solution that automatically guides emergency services and road operators to crashed vehicles has been demonstrated at a Transport Technology Forum event at the UTAC test track in Millbrook, Bedfordshire. In the demonstration presented with KL Systems, a fire engine was given the precise location of a vehicle with its air bag deployed […]


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