Dott e-scooters & e-bikes now available on Google Maps

European micro-mobility company Dott is working with Google Maps, aiming to make it easier for more people to discover its shared vehicles to travel across cities.  When planning a journey, users of Google Maps will now find Dott’s e-scooters and e-bikes as a travel option, along with estimates for cost and travel time.  The feature […]

Google Maps upgrades its iOS functionality

Google Maps is increasing its functionality to offer more location-based services and a better user experience for iPhone users. Its live traffic conditions are now available from the home screen, meaning that people can be alerted to nearby problems before they start their journeys without needing to start the app, and change plans accordingly. Another […]

Importance of consistent traffic info highlighted in HE tweet

Highways England has had to take to social media to correct an apparently incorrect entry on Google Maps saying that the M4 was shut. Possibly millions of drivers rely on the free mapping service for their traffic routing, as it mixes sat nav directions with live traffic to suggest the quickest routes. However yesterday Highways […]


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