Transport roundtable calls for ‘clearly defined’ five-year delivery plan that gives industry, academia and the public a roadmap of how it intends to support the movement towards a Net Zero system by 2050

Technological change and human behaviour make the future of transport hard to predict, so how can we build an future transport system fit for all? That was the main question at a recent roundtable jointly organised by The Forum and think tank Institute for Public Policy Research. The roundtable discussed how transport system is integral […]

Imperial College researchers discuss reaching net-zero in transport with policymakers

Imperial College has hosted an online workshop this week, bringing together researchers and policymakers to discuss a new report on transport decarbonisation. The report, released by the Grantham Institute – Climate Change and the Environment and the Energy Futures explores what reaching net-zero emissions in the transport sector might look like, drawing out the key changes that will […]

Reducing exposure to polluted air needs a personalised approach, says Imperial College

A more ‘personalised’ approach is needed to reduce people’s exposure to polluted air, says an Imperial expert. Dr Benjamin Barratt, Deputy Director of the Environmental Research Group at Imperial College London, says there is a perception amongst some of the public that poor air quality is a general problem, solely requiring government interventions, but in reality […]

London’s ULEZ leads to small initial improvements, says Imperial College report

London’s ULEZ reduced the city’s nitrogen dioxide levels by a few per cent during the first few weeks of its implementation. This is according to a study by Imperial College London researchers who say their findings highlight that ULEZs are not a silver bullet and that sustained improvements in air pollution require multiple measures. Between 2016 and 2020, […]

New research points to a 50% reduction in injuries on the road network inside LTN’s

The number of injuries on the road network inside low-traffic neighbourhoods (LTN’s) halved compared to areas without them, new research has revealed. Academics from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Westminister University and Imperial College London found that the greatest reduction in injuries was people in cars and pedestrians. The improvement in safety […]

Imperial College London and partners launch mobility hub trial project

Imperial College London has joined forces with Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Brompton Bike Hire to launch a mobility hub at Imperial’s South Kensington campus as part of a four-month academic trial that will assess whether staff travel can be transformed by giving people more choices for sustainable and active transport. Staff who register for the trial will receive […]

Imperial highlights research “bringing self driving deployment closer”

Researchers at Imperial College London say they have simulated self-driving fleet impacts using real-world data, providing suggestions for their optimal deployment in cities. They say their simulations show the potential of fleets of autonomous vehicles (AV) on congestion, emissions, public transport and ride-sharing services. The Imperial team analysed tens of thousands of possible deployment scenarios […]

Tackling London’s pollution will increase life expectancy, research suggests

Researchers at London’s Imperial College say life expectancy for children will improve by six months thanks to measures being brought in to tackle poor air quality in the capital. A new report by researchers from the School of Public Health’s Environmental Research Group predicts that London specific air quality policies, alongside wider improvements in air […]


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