Scottish Parliament updated on Low Emission Zones

The Cabinet Secretary for Transport has provided an update to the Scottish Parliament today on Low Emission Zones. From 1 June 2024, all four of Scotland’s largest cities have been fully enforcing Low Emission Zones (LEZ). The significant public health intervention restricts the access of the most polluting vehicles in order to protect health, improve […]

Scotland enforces three new Low Emission Zones 

After Dundee’s Low Emission Zone (LEZ) went live this morning, and with Aberdeen and Edinburgh set to follow suit at the weekend, RAC head of policy Simon Williams has issued a statement. “Drivers in Dundee should be prepared for Low Emission Zone (LEZ) enforcement from this [today], while those in Aberdeen and Edinburgh will be […]

MSP raises confusion over Scottish Low Emission Zone taxi eligibility

Taxi drivers in Scotland are experiencing discrepancies between online information, local council and operator communications when it comes to Low Emission Zone (LEZ) vehicle eligibility, says MSP during Scottish Parliament debate, says Taxi Point. Labour MSP Foysol Choudhury raised concerns about the accuracy of the Low Emission Zones (LEZ) vehicle eligibility checking service during a […]

Scotland: £5 million pledged for Low Emission Zone support funding

The Scottish Government is providing £5 million to re-open the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) Support Fund for 2024-25. For the fifth year in a row, the popular fund continues to offer cash incentives and Travel Better credits, if non-compliant vehicles are removed from Scotland’s roads. Delivered through Energy Saving Trust, this programme is means-tested and offers help […]

Aberdeen low emission zone: motorists arriving by ferry urged to ‘plan ahead’

With Aberdeen’s Low Emission Zone (LEZ) coming into force in June, Shetland motorists arriving by ferry are urged to check their vehicles and plan routes ahead. The zone is in line with Scottish Government policy to improve air quality. After this date, drivers of vehicles which are not compliant with regulations will face fines if […]

Glasgow City Councils gears up for LEZ

With enforcement of Glasgow’s Low Emission Zone (LEZ) just one month away, the City Council is people are being urged to know its requirements and to plan ahead. Glasgow’s LEZ, which effectively excludes the most polluting vehicles from our city centre, protects public health by tackling unacceptably high levels of harmful air pollution that have […]


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