Newport Council would not support tolls on M4 in the city

Newport Council has said it would not support tolls being introduced on the M4 in the city, despite Welsh Government proposals for bringing in charging schemes. The government’s new National Transport Delivery Plan sets out its intentions for the next five years. Ministers believe “road user charging” schemes are one potential way of encouraging people […]

Councillors in Newport worries about country-wide bus overhaul

Councillors in Newport have said a Wales-wide overhaul of the bus network could pose “significant risks” in Newport The Welsh Government is planning new laws to recentralise bus travel under the management of its firm Transport for Wales, with services franchised at a local and regional level. The move would improve timetabling, ticketing and coordination […]

Newport to get £4 million for transport improvements

Newport Council will get £4 million to make major improvements to transport systems in the region. The Welsh Government has promised the funding to implement the recommendations of the Burns report, which last year published a list of key transport improvements needed to alleviate traffic issues in Newport. The report was published last November by the South East […]


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