Oxfordshire calls for more government help to repair roads

Oxfordshire County Council has released a statement detailing how its highways teams are working hard to repair road surfaces after a winter that has seen periods of freezing temperatures but also exceptional rainfall – leading to the condition of roads deteriorating around the entire country. The county has 13 teams out repairing the roads each […]

VolkerHighways awarded additional LED rollout contract in Oxfordshire

Highways and streetlighting maintenance company VolkerHighways has been awarded a Traffic Route LED and Column Replacement contract on behalf of Oxfordshire County Council, worth £5 million. The project forms part of the £30 million Highways Electrical Assets contract the business was awarded in December 2021. The contract will see 6,321 LED lantern replacements and 3,657 […]

Oxfordshire introduces third town-wide 20mph zone

The town of Wallingford in Oxfordshire has become the third 20mph pilot scheme in the county. Oxfordshire County Council has completed the work in Wallingford Central as part of its plans to reduce the speed of the majority of the county’s 30mph roads to 20mph, where suitable and when supported by local residents. It followed […]

Innovators deliver traffic information onto dashboard displays in real time

A new system that replicates the information shown on electronic road-side signs direct to drivers inside their vehicles is being trialled in the UK after being developed by innovator group Eloy. The system, which delivers the information onto dashboard screens or mobile devices next to drivers follows a collaboration between Eloy, Andy Graham, from White […]

Air quality modelling project shows how the right traffic management solution can significantly reduce emissions

A new traffic management technique which has been trialled in Oxfordshire for the past year has proved how air quality can be significantly improved through a technique to manage traffic jams before they happen. The NEVFMA scheme uses global transport modelling firm Aimsun’s traffic simulation to reduce congestion and therefore harmful, traffic-related pollution, with analysis […]

Transport tech firms hoping for award recognition today

A range of transport specialists are getting ready for a major event of the year – the ITS (UK) Awards which this year take place online this afternoon (Monday 26 October). The trade body says the event, at 4pm and hosted by ITS (UK) President Steve Norris, will “celebrate the best in the country’s transport […]

Ford trialling accident prediction technology

A consortium led by Ford is developing a way of using connected vehicle and roadside sensor data to predict where road crashes may take place. The Data-Driven Road Safety Tool will analyse the information to suggest the likely locations and possible root causes of potential road safety hotspots. Researchers say the insights will enable cities […]

UK’s first county-wide model for predicting traffic flows and emissions is launched

The transport modelling experts, Aimsun, have led the delivery of a large-scale model of the county of Oxfordshire that will use real-time traffic simulation to reduce congestion and harmful, traffic-related emissions. Now running live, the model was delivered for the Network Emissions/Vehicle Flow Management Adjustment (NEVFMA) project, funded by Highways England and delivered in partnership […]


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