Anger over fake A20 sign fines grows

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been urged to help thousands of motorists who were given speeding tickets due to a fake sign on a busy road in south-east London. Drivers received automatic fines and penalty points for violating the speed limit on the A20 near Sidcup after an “unauthorised third party” installed a 50mph sign […]

Letter goes to the Prime Minister on Future of Transport

PACTS has co-signed an ITS UK Letter to the Prime Minister on the Future of Transport PACTS, along with several prominent organisations within the UK’s transport sector, has co-signed an open letter coordinated by the ITS UK to the Prime Minister, Mr Rishi Sunak, emphasizing the urgent need for a Future of Transport Bill in […]

Harper suggests 20mph limits could make roads less safe

The Transport Secretary is warning that a blanket 20mph speed limit could put children at more risk on the roads. The Sun reports Mark Harper as saying that widespread use of a 20mph limit “damages the ability” for the zones to have an impact on roads where a lower speed is required for safety reasons […]

Sunak “to block” more 20mph limits as Wales opposition grows

The Prime Minister could block councils from introducing new 20mph zones as part of a “plan for motorists”. The Daily Telegraph reports Rishi Sunak will use his party’s conference in Manchester at the weekend to announce that he will scale back low-traffic neighbourhoods and make it easier for drivers to challenge parking fines as well […]

ICE sales ban set to be pushed back

The Government is looking at moving the ban on Internal Combustion Engines back to 2035 as the costs and difficulties of achieving Net Zero become clearer. Various sources report Rishi Sunak is preparing a speech “to set out an important long-term decision we need to make so our country becomes the place I know we […]

ITS UK members urge Sunak to move forward with Future of Transport Bill

More than 50 members of ITS UK have signed an open letter to the Prime Minister calling on the Government to move forward with a Future of Transport Bill in the forthcoming King’s Speech. It highlights the need for a bill in order to deliver the right environment for transport innovation to continue to thrive […]

Sunak orders review of low traffic neighbourhoods

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has ordered a review of low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) in England, saying that he is on the side of drivers. He told the Sunday Telegraph he was supporting people to “use their cars to do all the things that matter to them”. LTNs aim to reduce traffic, in part by preventing drivers using […]

Sunak fails to confirm 2030 petrol and diesel ban will go ahead

The Prime Minister has talked of tackling the climate crisis in a “proportionate and pragmatic” way as he refused to confirm that the 2030 ban on petrol and diesel vehicle sales will go ahead. The Daily Telegraph quotes Rishi Sunak as saying: “Of course net zero is important to me. “So yes we’re going to […]


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