Latest technology is having “a real impact” on road building, says National Highways

New technology has been trialled by National Highways that will speed up road construction and improve safety. The first-of-a-kind technology takes the ‘guesswork’ out of compaction making sure the heavy plant gets the job done first time ensuring safe and durable foundations in road building. As part of a commitment to developing and promoting Connected […]

Transport behaviour expert defends road building

One of the UK’s leading behavioural scientists has backed road building, saying some government advisers’ experience is at odds with the majority of the population. Writing in the Spectator Magazine, Ogilvy vice-chairman Rory Sutherland, who is co-order of the book “Transport for Humans” argues that transport policy is too London-centric. “The people leaning their folding […]

Wales abandons road building schemes

A vast number of the planned road building schemes in Wales have been cancelled, as the country’s Government prioritises environmental concerns. Deputy Climate Change Minister Lee Waters says he’s putting climate change at the heart of decision making, saying “we will not get to Net Zero unless we stop doing the same thing over and […]

Welsh Government to set out new road building plans

Wales’s Deputy Climate Change Minister Lee Waters will set the direction for the future of transport in the country in the Welsh Parliament the Senedd today (Tuesday 14 February). The Welsh Government has announced that he will detail some key documents, including the findings of the Roads Review Panel and and the Welsh Government’s National […]

Environmental activist launches legal bid to block A47 dualling

A former Green party councillor has begun legal proceedings against the decision to dual a stretch of the A47 in Norfolk. Dr Andrew Boswell claims the decision breaks the government’s own commitments on climate change because it would “increase carbon emissions just when the Government says we must reduce them”. He claims the Government failed to […]

Tarmac launches new guide to sustainable road building’

Tarmac has launched a new online framework designed to  support those involved in specifying and maintaining the UK’s crucial network of roads and highways: the Guide to Sustainable Road building.  “Its launch reflects our approach as a business and is rooted in the principles and targets set out in our 2030 sustainability strategy. The guide also highlights solutions, technological advances […]

MP warns over Scottish road building after SNP-Green deal

A Scottish MP is warning that the new deal between the ruling SNP and partners the Greens will affect road building in Scotland because he fears it will “not be as benign as the SNP is currently spinning”. Kenny MacAskill, who quit the SNP for the rival nationalist Alba party earlier in the year, has […]


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