Government plans digital Traffic Regulation Orders

The Roads Minister Guy Opperman has announced plans to make all Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) digital. The measures such as temporary speed limits or road closures have, until now, not automatically updated on digital systems, meaning they are sometimes missing from satnav systems. The Government will now mandate that valuable data, such as the location […]

Updated ParkMap platform uses live data for the first time

An updated edition of ParkMap, Buchanan Computing’s traffic order management solution, has been released, including, for the first time, a service that is able to share live highway data, both to and from other systems. The company says the new service will help to break down silos that can impede good design and enable a more co-ordinated […]

New powers available to enforce on county highway ‘hot spots’

New legal powers will enable Hertfordshire County Council to issue penalty charge notices to motorists who ignore Highway restrictions. The Department for Transport announced in June 2021 that councils would be able to apply for the legal powers to enforce moving traffic contraventions by camera, such as ignoring no entry and one-way restrictions, and waiting in […]

Consultation on new plans to enforce traffic regulations in Southampton to star

Southampton City Council is inviting residents to feedback on plans which could see automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras used to reduce moving traffic contraventions at different locations The cameras would help enforce measures to reduce congestion and increase safety on the roads, for example at School Street schemes (pedestrian and cycle zones at certain […]

New project works on standardising TRO data

Kerbside management and intelligent parking firm AppyWay has announced it’s contributed to the Department for Transport’s Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) Data Model Alpha Project as an SME partner to project leader Valtech. The Data Model Alpha Project explored how a data publication and distribution system could transform how the data is accessed and published. The […]

DfT working on two major data projects

The Department for Transport is working on two data projects aimed at improving how Traffic Regulation Orders and roads-related data might be easier to discover and share. Along with delivery partner Valtech, the DfT is working to deliver an Alpha project under Agile principles to explore how a TRO data publication and distribution system could […]


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