Ambulance Service clarifies ULEZ-related costs

The South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust has issued details of its replacement of vehicles, pointing out that upgrades are taking place regardless of ULEZ requirements in London. The Mail on Sunday had reported the National Health Service is having to spend £65 million to buy ambulances that meet ULEZ requirements in London. […]

NHS “spends £65m making ambulances ULEZ compliant”

The National Health Service is reportedly having to spend £65 million to buy ambulances that meet ULEZ requirements in London. The Mail on Sunday says Freedom of Information requests sent to NHS ambulance services in the South of England reveal the agreements made with Transport for London that exempt them from the expanded Ulez for […]

Council warns over fake ULEZ signs

Hertfordshire County Council is warning drivers not to fall for fake signs about London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone which have QR codes linking to scammer sites. The council has refused to allow ULEZ signs to go up in the county, and Transport for London’s signs do not include QR codes. In a message on X […]

200 ULEZ cameras taken in six months

New figures from London’s Metropolitan Police show the force investigated 795 crimes relating to ULEZ cameras between 1 April and 30 September. This includes 200 reports of cameras being stolen and 595 cameras being damaged. The actual numbers of cameras affected could be higher than this, though, because A recorded crime can include multiple offences. […]

Expanded ULEZ “adds 13 minutes to life expectancy”

Independent research by Channel 4 suggests that the expansion of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone to the outer boroughs will not make any significant difference to two key types of air pollution. Using the Mayor’s own data, the channel’s Factcheck Team calculates that the expanded ULEZ would add just 13 minutes to the life expectancy […]

“Two million” doctoring number plates to avoid ULEZ

It’s feared two million motorists could be doctoring their number plates to avoid being caught by cameras enforcing ULEZ zones and speed limits. The Daily Telegraph has seen a police investigation written by the former surveillance camera commissioner Tony Porter which found 6 per cent of cars had some form of “ANPR-defeating material” on their […]

Glasgow’s ULEZ effectiveness questioned as pollution levels rise

New figures suggest pollution levels of gases linked to traffic rose by about 10% in the centre of Glasgow after the introduction of a ULEZ scheme a year ago. The Telegraph reports Nitrogen dioxide levels in the city’s Hope Street, which has repeatedly had the country’s worst air quality, were measured at an average of […]

Drivers complain of ULEZ fines after inadvertently using fake payment sites

Drivers into London have told how they have been fined hundreds of pounds by Transport for London after paying Ultra Low Emission Zone fees on sites which turned out to be run by fraudsters. The BBC has spoken to several people who fell for the scams, including one man who had to pay more than […]

ULEZ widened across London, but questions raised over legality

London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has described the widening of the Ultra Low Emission Zone to cover the whole of London “a difficult decision but the right one to save lives”. All London boroughs are now covered by the restrictions on older vehicles, whose drivers must now pay £12.50 a day to drive anywhere in London. […]

Newspaper calls for debate on road user charging

The Daily Telegraph has published an opinion piece calling for a debate over road pricing to plug the projected funding gap in fuel duty as more people switch to electric vehicles and internal combustion engines become more efficient. In an article linked to the expansion of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone, the newspaper argues that […]


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