Greening London by making its public transport safer

University of Westminster research is promoting a greener London by making public transport safer and more appealing to commuters. Any effort to making London public transport a preferred travel solution contributes directly to the greening of our capital. Greater use of public transport is essential to bringing London and the UK to net zero. Innovations […]

Largest study of LTNs in London has found they reduced motor traffic

Traffic data from 46 LTN scheme across 11 boroughs reported the mean percentage reduction of traffic on streets within them was 46.9%. The study, which was conducted by the University of Westminster’s Active Travel Academy and was commissioned by climate charity Possible. LTNs try to reduce motor traffic in residential areas by using either cameras, planters or […]

New research points to a 50% reduction in injuries on the road network inside LTN’s

The number of injuries on the road network inside low-traffic neighbourhoods (LTN’s) halved compared to areas without them, new research has revealed. Academics from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Westminister University and Imperial College London found that the greatest reduction in injuries was people in cars and pedestrians. The improvement in safety […]


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