Volkswagen integrates ChatGPT into its vehicles

German vehicle maker Volkswagen is presenting the first vehicles in which the artificial-intelligence-based chatbot ChatGPT is integrated into its IDA voice assistant. It says that in future, customers will have “seamless access to the constantly growing artificial intelligence database in all Volkswagen models equipped with the IDA voice assistant and have researched content read out […]

VW says driverless technology “taking great strides”

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is reporting how development of autonomous vehicles for use in mobility and transport services is making great strides. The vehicle maker says that on the road to series production readiness, the self-driving all-electric Volkswagen ID. Buzz AD (Autonomous Driving) will be hitting the road for the first time over the next few […]

VW partners on partnerships for “industrialisation” of battery technology

The Volkswagen Group has announced it’s entered into three more strategic partnerships to strengthen its position in the field of batteries. The new partners are the leading materials technology group Umicore, the battery specialist 24M Technologies, and cleantech company Vulcan Energy Resources Ltd. VW says that, although these three partnerships are independent from each other, […]

Driverless timescale commitment, real-time roadworks info and cyclist safety technology on Highways Voices from Hamburg – sponsored by SWARCO and GEWI

Volkswagen’s autonomous ridesharing subsidiary MOIA is committing to delivering driverless rides to the city of Hamburg by 2025, and the company’s CEO explains the background on Thursday’s Highways Voices podcast from the ITS World Congress sponsored by SWARCO and GEWI. “The goal really is by 2024-25 we’ll have a commercial ride pooling service without safety drivers fully […]

VW launches new connected car services

Carmaker Volkswagen is introducing new over-the-air update capabilities for its ID range of cars, saying it’s taking “the next big step towards becoming a software-oriented mobility provider.” From this summer, the brand will regularly send software updates wirelessly to models in its ID range of vehicles which, it says, makes it the first and only […]

VW testing driverless cars in Europe

Volkswagen is stepping up its testing of driverless electric vehicles ahead of a planned commercial introduction in 2025. Car Magazine reports that by the end of this year, prototypes of the ID Buzz electric version of the Kombi van will be testing on Munich’s streets, as well as on a purpose-built test track near Munich airport. […]

VW planning on-demand vehicle features

Carmaker Volkswagen is planning to include all features in all their cars, but use connected vehicle technology to charge drivers for the ones they use. Top Gear magazine has spoken to the German company which says it plans to have cars “crammed full of tech and features” which the user can turn on and off […]

VW investigated over “April Fools Joke”

A press release which suggested the German carmaker Volkswagen would be renaming itself “Voltswagen” to reflect its electric vehicle aspirations is being investigated by financial regulators in America after the company’s share price rose on the announement. German newspaper Der Spielgel reports that the Securities and Exchange Commission is checking after the spoof release was […]

VW recycling centre re-uses 90% of EV batteries

Volkswagen Group Components says a new plant for recycling electric car batteries is delivering another step towards sustainable end-to-end responsibility for the entire value chain of the electric vehicle battery. The company says the of the plant in Salzgitter in Germany is the industrialised recovery of valuable raw materials such as lithium, nickel, manganese and […]

VW offers augmented reality head up display

The car maker Volkswagen is promoting a solution it says merges the virtual and real worlds, saying it makes a head up display affordable to many customers. It says that it has decided to include its augmented reality head-up display in a high-selling volume model, continuing its strategy of offering high-tech features at affordable prices. […]


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