Issues raised at the Transport Technology Forum conference discussed on Highways Voices

We get the views of six different experts and users of transport technology in today’s Highways Voices, as we chat to people at the Transport Technology Forum Annual Conference in Leeds. Subscribe to Highways Voices free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts or Pocket Casts and never miss an episode! One of the ITS industry’s leading experts Andy Graham is […]

In-vehicle signage delivered direct to car’s head unit without mobile phone interface

A group of data experts have successfully delivered live, dynamic in-vehicle signage into a vehicle’s head unit using the car’s own connectivity rather than a tethered smartphone Transport for West Midlands and KL Systems transmitted real-time road signs into a Polestar vehicle during tests at Warwick University.  The demonstration proves that connected cars can automatically […]

TTF shares video of virtual road signs “untouched by human hand”

The Transport Technology Forum has shared one of the key moments of its conference last week – the video of infrastructure-to-vehicle technology showing that VMS, temporary VMS and traditional signs can be repeated in vehicle without the need for human intervention. The video explained a project delivered by HRS, KL Systems and White Willow Consulting […]

Highways Voices highlights and when things went wrong – yes, it’s the Christmas blooper edition

Subscribe to Highways Voices free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts or Pocket Casts and never miss an episode! Back in January, Highways News created a new podcast series “Highways Voices”. Thousands of listeners later, we’re celebrating the end of the first year of programmes with a special highlights edition – and some examples of where things didn’t quite go […]

Click here to watch the ITS (UK) Awards live here at 5pm

The ITS (UK) Awards will be streamed live from the Society’s Members’ Day at Cubic Transportation Systems’ British HQ in Surrey at 5pm today. The live stream link will be available here from 4.30pm. Please press f to make the video full screen. The event is sponsored by Cubic, along with White Willow Consulting and […]

ITS (UK) announces Members’ Day plans

The UK’s Industry Association for Intelligent Transport Systems is holding a special day on 25 November for members to get together and network, share ideas and find out who has won the five prestigious ITS (UK) Awards. Hosted by Cubic Transportation Systems and also supported by White Willow Consulting and WSP, the Members’ Day will […]

Innovators deliver traffic information onto dashboard displays in real time

A new system that replicates the information shown on electronic road-side signs direct to drivers inside their vehicles is being trialled in the UK after being developed by innovator group Eloy. The system, which delivers the information onto dashboard screens or mobile devices next to drivers follows a collaboration between Eloy, Andy Graham, from White […]

ITS (UK) makes first charitable donations in membership drive appreciation

The UK’s Intelligent Transport Society has paid out two £100 donations to charities chosen by members involved in recruiting organisations to join. Andy Graham of White Willow Consulting has chosen Mission Motorsport as his charity after recruiting Sopra Steria to Executive level membership, while Dementia UK gets £100 thanks to Neil Levett of Levett Business […]

Trip count and journey length up during Lockdown Three – TTF

Latest analysis of traffic data from more than a hundred local authority areas across England suggests that levels in Lockdown Three have been up to ten percentage points higher than they were in the first lockdown last March.  Traffic is now at up to 45% below pre lockdown levels, whereas the lowest in Lockdown One […]


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