DfT launches Local Authority survey to understand data sharing

The Department for Transport has launched a survey to help it provide detailed guidance to English local authorities on how to open up, share and exploit their transport data. The project awarded to an Atkins-Jacobs joint venture, together with White Willow Consulting and Oxfordshire County Council, follows on from the Local Transport Data Discovery report […]

Road deaths 14% lower for year ending 2020 says DfT povisional data

Provisional road casualty figures for the year ending June 2020, which included three months of the first national lockdown, show that road deaths were 14% lower compared with the previous year, according to the Department of Tramsport’s: Reported road casualties in GreatBritain: provisional estimates year ending June 2020 document. There were an estimated 1,580 road […]

Highways England helps fund study to alleviate flooding in Staffordshire

A £2.5 million scheme to increase wildlife numbers, provide better access for families and alleviate flooding around rivers in a Staffordshire town moves a step closer. The £150,000 donation has funded an environmental feasibility study which is now under way to develop, plan and cost a five-year plan for the Stafford Brooks Project. The project […]

Brighton to search for ways of reducing accidents on its road network

Brighton & Hove Council is considering proposals to reduce the number of cars coming into the city to address the high numbers of people that have accidents and are killed on the city’s roads every year. The city council will discuss plans to sign up to the Road Danger Reduction Forum charter which looks at […]

Tackling London’s pollution will increase life expectancy, research suggests

Researchers at London’s Imperial College say life expectancy for children will improve by six months thanks to measures being brought in to tackle poor air quality in the capital. A new report by researchers from the School of Public Health’s Environmental Research Group predicts that London specific air quality policies, alongside wider improvements in air […]

Three quarters of people “wouldn’t feel safe” in a driverless car

A survey of a thousand British motorists suggest that the vast majority still doubt the safety credentials of a driverless car. Vanarama asked a series of questions about the concept of autonomy and found that 73% said they wouldn’t feel safe and only 13% would trust a driverless car to take their children to school […]

Traffic Wales updates traffic management at Holyhead

A contraflow on the A55 and extra parking spaces for lorries waiting to use the port of Holyhead are being introduced “to ensure minimum impact on people living and working” in the area as customs get used to new post-Brexit rules. Traffic Wales says it’s been working closely with the Welsh Government and local partners, […]


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