Nota launches AI camera, traffic signal and safe crossing solution

The Korean ITS solutions company Nota has launched a solution focussing on intersections, calling them the core of urban problems, and proposing a management system to make them more efficient and safer through edge AI techniques. It says to build faster and safer intersections, Nota is offering Artificial Intelligence traffic signal control and safe crossing […]

WJ Group secure National Highways Scheme Delivery Framework place

The road safety and marking company WJ Group has secured a place on National Highways’ new £3.6 billion Scheme Delivery Framework. WJ is the preferred Lot 6 (Roadmarkings) supplier, securing the maximum permitted allocation, by placing first in the tendering process across four of the new SDF regions, the South West, South East, Midlands and […]

Essex County Council replaces over 10,000 streetlights with LEDs

More than 10,000 old-style streetlights in Essex have now been replaced with LED alternatives. We are moving at the speed of light to upgrade 82,000 streetlights, mainly in residential roads. The older lights are being replaced with LED, or light-emitting diode, technology, over three years. LED can save on average 60% energy usage and thousands […]

New cycling and walking infrastructure given the green light in Essex

Changes to make it easier and safer for residents to walk and cycle have been given the go ahead. They form part of our ambition for Essex to become safer, greener and healthier. Improvements will be made to infrastructure in five parts of Essex. This includes the creation of new segregated cycleways, Schools Streets, Liveable […]

Car dependency can and must be tackled to reduce carbon emissions, claims new report

A new report from the University of Hertfordshire claims that car dependency outside cities can and must be tackled to reduce carbon emissions, and spotlights several schemes that could make an immediate impact on car use in rural areas. Led by Professor Stephen Joseph, The Future of Transport Outside Cities report highlights how cities dominate research and […]

Bus travel to change in Stoke-on-Trent with £90 million plan

Bus travel is set to change in Stoke-on-Trent with lower fares and new roads as part of a £90 million plan. Stoke-on-Trent City Council has worked with operators to draw up the bus service improvement plan, with which they hope to secure a share of government funding, Even before Covid-19, bus travel in the city had […]

MPs warned not to rush into legalising private e-scooters

MPS are being told there is a “world of safety difference” between e-scooter rental schemes and the use of private e-scooters. The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety says any evaluation of rental trials cannot and should not be automatically applied to regulations for private e-scooters.  The safety of private e-scooters in the UK, an interim report […]

GPS-Free device “could start new era of navigation”

Scientists in America have revealed a design for a next-generation navigation system which works without relying on GPS. The Science Times reports that Sandia National Laboratories has developed a small, compact device which is expected to serve as a breakthrough in the navigational industry. The report says new navigational system is comparable to the size […]

Ericsson and partners test new safety features on 5G self-driving bus

The 5G Ride self-driving bus project in Sweden has moved closer to full operations following a successful trial of remote digital monitoring and on-board digital safety services near Ericsson’s company headquarters in Kista, Stockholm. The partners say the project has successfully trialled new safety features which explore how 5G and remote monitoring of vehicles via […]

Ireland to improve bus services in rural areas with Connecting Ireland project

Ireland is increase its bus services in rural areas to help solve the challenge of only two out of five villages have no public transport connection to their nearest town. Under the new plans, the number of services will increase by 25%’ and times will be rescheduled to suit both commuting and social trips. The […]


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