GPS-Free device “could start new era of navigation”

Scientists in America have revealed a design for a next-generation navigation system which works without relying on GPS.

The Science Times reports that Sandia National Laboratories has developed a small, compact device which is expected to serve as a breakthrough in the navigational industry.

The report says new navigational system is comparable to the size of small fruit but contains various types of metals and minerals that build up the overall secure chamber. The architecture of the device is specialised to contain a cloud of atoms that would allow a chemical approach for precise navigational utility.

The device uses the physics behind quantum mechanics that researchers say “will exceed the current capacity of traditional navigational tools in today’s time”.

Scientists say GPS devices can be vulnerable to signal disruption and location spoofing, which could cause severe implications toward projects and activities that mainly rely on navigation, such as commercial and military vehicles.

The report says this device would allow vehicles to be able to track their own position without relying on satellites. It will be as accurate as the atomic clocks but with additional functions such as acceleration and rotation measurement through the help of rubidium composition.

Read the report here.

(Picture – Yay Images)


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