Swedish company cracks underground GPS solution

South of Stockholm, the new Haninge Bus Terminal has been equipped with technology enabling full seamless continuity of GPS-based monitoring underground.

The GNSS company Syntony says a GPS signal will no longer be lost when the buses enter the new terminal thanks to its installation of RF Coverage AB deployed SubWAVE Continuous technology in the concrete-covered facility.

Using leaky feeders, the SubWAVE technology emulates the GPS signal for every receiver in the area. They are then able to compute their own position with an accuracy similar to outside urban environments. It says traffic Managers and professionals can determine if their buses are stopped or moving in the terminal, and even in which slot they are parked, with accuracy at around five metres.

This information can be passed on to provide very accurate passenger information, which the designers say improves user experience of the service.

The company says that since most smartphones are equipped with GPS chipsets, the signal emulated by SubWAVE can be understood even in non-dedicated applications like Google and Apple Maps, which enables common services originally used outdoors only. The solution is said to have safety benefits too, allowing location of emergency calls.

(Picture – Syntony GNSS)


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