American airport introduces autonomous luggage vehicle

The Cincinnati/North Kentucky international airport has started using an autonomous vehicle to carry bags across the airfield’s apron to and from aircraft.

Autonomous technology company Thordrive has shared details of how it’s working on tests to see how autonomy can be used in an airport setting.

The post shares a story on the website which reports ThorDrive applied its technology to a Wollard International M40 diesel baggage tractor to create the prototype for airside operations, using a combination of LiDAR [and cameras.

The Airport says its keen to innovate with cargo as well as passengers, particularly as DHL and Amazon have hubs there. Officials are interested in researching autonomous technologies, in general, to determine how automation can be of use in an airport setting, looking at anything from autonomous sweepers and floor scrubbers inside the terminal to larger equipment for both airside and landside use.

Read the full article here.

Watch the YouTube video here.

(Picture – Thordrive YouTube video)


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