Clearview Intelligence solution cuts congestion at Heathrow

Highways and Transport Solutions provider Clearview Intelligence has implemented a multiple-technology solution to improve efficiency at a major logistics area at Heathrow Airport.

The Shoreham Road World Cargo facility is formed by a u-shaped link road to access airport-related warehousing, but has been plagued by congestion and difficulties being able to find suitable parking for vehicles as they deliver cargo from landside to aircraft within the airport.  This often resulted in the lorry driver having to make multiple loops of the site causing lorries to back-up.

Clearview Intelligence’s bespoke solution for site operator Segro resulted in the operator reporting reduced congestion and vastly improved efficiency.  The technology involved delivering real-time parking space availability information to drivers via a custom designed, simple to understand variable message sign, and to onsite security staff via a standard web browser. Car park occupancy was monitored using in-vehicle bay sensors which delivered up-to-the second information showing the number of spaces available in each of four different zones, and processed using Clearview’s own data management platform Insight.

Drivers are now able to go direct to an area with spaces, or to wait until one becomes available so they do not cause congestion while waiting on site.

“By accurately monitoring individual vehicle bays,and aggregating the information into a small number of coloured zones, the Clearview system makes it easy for drivers to understand the availability of parking spaces in the different zones in the car park,” explained Peter Cattell, Head of Technical Sales at Clearview. “At the same time, it allows the site operator to get accurate, granular real time data, as well as historic data to efficiently and effectively manage the site.

“This parking management system can readily be replicated in other similar environments, such as retail parking, transport hubs, and large commercial sites ports and airports.”

(Picture – Clearview)


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