Active Travel appeals to Scots

Aberdeen residents want to drive less and at the same time walk, cycle or wheel more, research for a national report has revealed.

This latest Sustrans Walking and Cycling Index shows 23% of residents want to drive less, 50% of residents want to walk or wheel more, and 47% want to cycle more.

Aberdeen City Council Co-Leader Councillor Ian Yuill said in the foreword of the report that the Council has invested heavily in recent years to improve cycling facilities in the city with five clear objectives – maximise the role of cycling for short journeys, develop safe, convenient and efficient infrastructure, increase cycling for leisure, tourism and recreation, integrate policies for cycling across council strategies, and set policies which contribute to meeting cycling targets.

Councillor Yuill said: “The Council welcomes the report which provides key insights which emphasise the importance of continuing to deliver on improving walking, cycling, and wheeling opportunities for everyone.”

The report said 71% of residents think their local area overall is a good place to walk or wheel and 63% of residents think the level of safety for walking or wheeling is good.

In Aberdeen, there are 36 miles of traffic‑free cycle paths away from the road (33 miles in 2021), two miles of cycle paths physically separated from traffic and pedestrians (1 mile in 2021), and 15% of households were within 125m of these routes (14% in 2021).

The report highlighted several initiatives which have taken place to help walking, cycling, and wheeling including introducing a small fleet of fuel cell cargo pedelecs for trialling with private and public organisations in and around the city centre offering a zero emission “last mile” option for small to medium sized local cargo deliveries, an e-bike hire scheme, the City Centre and Beach Masterplan which includes removing private cars from Union Street Central and nearby supporting traffic restrictions, several new or improved pavements, and the IBike For Schools scheme.

(Picture – Warwickshire County Council)


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