American 3G switch-off affects connected car services

As American mobile phone networks switch off their 3G services in favour of 4G and 5G, some connected car services have stopped working in vehicles because they only have a 3G modem fitted. reports these vehicles, many of them electric, are losing many of their functions, such as the emergency call, real-time navigation, remote charge management or the pre-conditioning of the passenger compartment.

It says Tesla has already warned the owners that the Model S “will lose cellular connectivity when AT&T shuts down its 3G network. To maintain certain mobile and in-car features that require data usage, upgrade to an LTE compatible modem.”

The report adds that, in addition to the Tesla, the shutdown of 3G networks could also cause problems on some electric cars before 2015 with the first ones Renault Zoesome Honda and the Toyota Prius.

This is no doubt something the connected car industry this side of the Pond needs to consider.

(Picture – Yay Images)


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