BEIS opens digital twin consultation

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has opened a consultation into the opportunities for connected digital twins to “catalyse innovation”.

It says this consultation seeks to broaden the UK’s understanding of the impact and opportunities for cyber-physical systems, and advance our collective understanding of the value of, and options for an underpinning cyber-physical infrastructure to unleash innovation.

“Understanding and connecting complex systems has been key to every major human endeavour,” it explains. “As we face critical challenges such as reaching net zero and responding to global health crises, there is a need to understand, innovate and act in complex environments. Connected systems of digital and physical, or ‘cyber-physical’, technologies such as digital twins and smart robotic systems, will be key to this.”

This consultation presents a vision for cyber-physical infrastructure in which connected networks of cyber-physical systems could provide a step change in the economic and social value of individual systems. Much like the internet, this would not be a single, centralised entity. Instead it would take the form of connected systems upon which new products, services and business models could be built.

BEIS is seeking views on the value of and options for a cyber-physical infrastructure and to identify the opportunities, challenges and possible priority areas for action within the following:

  • people and culture
  • technical research, development and infrastructure
  • security and resilience
  • connection and interoperability
  • sustainable markets
  • working globally

The consultation is open to anyone with an interest in the area, but in particular researchers would like to hear from:

  • industry (supply and demand)
  • academia
  • institutions
  • wider public sector
  • not-for-profit

More details are here.

(Picture – Yay Images)


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