Businesses urged to consider transport use as they return to work

The business group London First is urging its members to think carefully how its staff get to and from work as they return after months of Coronavirus restrictions.

Writing in City AM, Chief Executive Jasmine Whitbread says the group has met to map out solutions to support a “business-led recovery.”

In a wide-ranging column she highlights transport as the first way businesses can lead.

“We can advise our workforces on how to use public transport safely,” she writes. “Companies know who they need in the office and who can remain at home, making social distancing possible. We also need to support a full campaign around demand management, working closely with Transport for London, staggering who travels and when, and sharing crystal clear messages on how to get around now.”

The sector is also suggesting that social distancing rules must be reduced to one metre otherwise hospitality faces a “disaster”. This sends a further signal to transport planners to ensure their new procedures are adaptable and not based on a distance which may be halved in the short-to-medium term.


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