Clearview chosen to present road studs safety solution at ITS Global Summit in Melbourne

Highways and Transport Solutions provider Clearview Intelligence has been invited to present at the prestigious ITS Australia Global Summit in Melbourne later this month.

Thousands of delegates from around the world will meet in the Australian city to discuss the latest in technology that makes transport more efficient, cleaner and safer.

Clearview’s Head of Product Management Alastair King (pictured) will explain how night-time road safety is a key challenge for transport operators given 42% of road deaths occur during darkness, despite only 22% of traffic being on the road.  He will then detail how solar road studs can make a life-saving difference.

With a greater demand for sustainable smart infrastructure which encourages safer movement of people, his presentation will explore the use of active road studs, which emit a light rather than reflect light from headlights, and the impact this type of guidance has on driver behaviour such as vehicle braking points, speed and vehicle positioning. He will explore the impact of lane transgressions at roundabouts/junctions and the impact active studs have on driver behaviour both before and after active road studs were installed.

Mr King will not only focus on the road safety aspects, because the road studs have a key environmental benefit too. From an environmental perspective, active studs are typically powered using renewable energies and are seen as a carbon friendly, sustainable alternative to driver guidance by street lighting. He will explore the carbon cost of active road studs in comparison to street lighting and explain how they compare to costly and inefficient mains-powered lighting.

In 2022, UK local authorities recognised the impact of active road stud technology and the benefit to driver safety by awarding a technology ‘innovation award’ specifically for active road studs. This success has ventured throughout Europe where ‘active studs’ are seen as a sustainable solution to reduce night-time traffic collisions, even providing guidance for pedestrians and cyclists using footpaths and active travel networks.

“During my presentation I will explore the impact on the use of active studs for different users of travel,” Mr King says.  “This includes the impact on users of global road networks, active travel routes and how they have even been used as a safety feature at potential ‘collision’ points where pedestrians and traffic flow meet.”

The ITS Australia Global Summit from 28-31 August has been expanded from the organisation’s usual domestic summit in order to offer a world-wide event in support of this year’s ITS World Congress, which is taking place in China with a limited international attendance.

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(Picture – Clearview)


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