Cruise boss predicts driverless cars “will rule the road” in five years

The CEO of General Motors’ driverless vehicle subsidiary Cruise has predicted that within five years, people in major cities will get around in autonomous vehicles instead of driving.

Kyle Vogt told Fortune Magazine, “There’s no point in driving yourself today, even though we all do. As a society, we’re killing an entire football stadium of Americans yearly because of distracted driving. We’ve turned a blind eye to that for over a century because there wasn’t a better alternative. Now there is one… Within 10 years, driving will be a hobby like riding horses is today.”

In the interview, he said the industry needs to change the behaviour of human-driven rides, saying, “I’m deeply concerned that the U.S. is moving too slowly and that Chinese competitors could get a leg up from how their government is not just opening the doors from a regulatory and infrastructure standpoint but also investing heavily.”

He also talked about how humans are “so bad at driving”, and that “Owning your car will be seen as the ultimate luxury in the future”

Read the full interview here (paywall).

(Picture – Cruise)


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