Fife’s road casualties continue to fall, according to council

Road casualties in Fife are at their lowest ever as part of a longer-term trend of reducing accidents on roads.

Fife Council’s Economy, Tourism, Strategic Planning and Transportation Sub Committee Members recently received a Briefing Note on the number of casualties on Fife’s roads during 2021, revealing the lowest number ever recorded, and progress towards meeting targets set by Scottish Government to further reduce road casualties by 2030.

The information is released as Scotland’s first annual Road Safety week is launched – an annual awareness week created by the Scottish Government and Transport Scotland.

During 2021 in Fife there were 156 recorded road crashes, resulting in 218 casualties (2 fatal, 62 serious and 154 slight injuries). This is a significant reduction from the figures of recent years. In 2020, there were 241 recorded crashes resulting in 340 casualties (12 fatal, 108 serious and 220 slight injuries), and continues a long term overall reducing trend.

The data for crashes and casualties is supplied to Fife Council by Police Scotland. The figures for 2021 are the lowest totals for casualties and crashes recorded in Fife with all severities at record lows, significantly below the levels seen in previous years.

John Mitchell, Senior Manager Road and Transportation Services, Fife Council, said: “There’s a clear focus placed on road safety in Fife through adopting a multi-agency approach. Through a number of road safety initiatives, we’re working to ensure Fife’s roads are as safe as possible. But there is no room for complacency, and we’ll continue to strive to reduce casualties.”

“Ideally, there would be no casualties as every death means a devastating loss to family and friends. This record low figure and the long term trend of reducing ​ casualties are welcomed, and we remain committed to further reducing these.”


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