Go-Ahead accelerates digital transformation for vehicle inspections

The Go-Ahead Group, in partnership with Tranzaura, is delivering digital transformation to enhance operational efficiency across its regional bus services in the UK. This collaboration is a five-year partnership and highlights Go-Ahead’s commitment to innovation, reliability of bus services and as a result, increased customer satisfaction.

By October 2024, Go-Ahead’s bus companies will be able to streamline pre-service daily vehicle inspection checks and maintenance processes electronically through the Tranzaura app. This transition from traditional paper-based records to intuitive mobile apps will enhance reliability, safety, and sustainability across Go-Ahead’s extensive fleet of more than 6,000 buses, benefiting customers UK-wide.

The Tranzaura app gives real-time compliance visibility and audit trails for operational and management teams at Go-Ahead. By using photo capture, dynamic reporting and real-time communication tools between drivers and engineers, it helps to ensure the smooth operation and overall reliability of Go-Ahead’s bus services.

After utilising the Tranzaura technology successfully in its London bus garages and depots, Go-Ahead is now implementing the use of the app across all its UK operations.

Matt Carney, Chief Executive of Go-Ahead Bus, said: “Our partnership with Tranzaura reflects our dedication to digitalisation, embracing innovative solutions to streamline processes and improve the way we work. By incorporating Tranzaura’s digital solutions into our operations, we will achieve new levels of fleet reliability and efficiency, creating safer and more reliable services for customers.”


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